To cheat, or not to cheat

11 12 2008

cheatingI recently posted a blog about my upcoming pig roast in which I asked my readers to identify a few pop icon pigs. It really was not that difficult.  But if you are socially inept and culturally unaware, even Pigs in Space would have been difficult for you.  Oddly enough, it was my dad who was the first to respond.  Yes, with all the correct answers. I immediately smelled a pig.

You see, although my dad may be somewhat of a neophyte when it comes to pop culture he is, nonetheless, a very astute individual. I did not realize that when I had imported my pictures, I had forgotten to delete the title.  Therefore, with a “right-click” of the mouse and a scroll down to the Properties, one could easily see what each picture was. So, although my dad correctly named “Pink Floyd” for the floating pig, I don’t think he could have named the album (“Animals”) or the location where the cover art was shot (Battersea). Nevertheless, it got me to thinking.

I studied for my Senior year English final the same way I studied for everything else – I listended to music, took a nap, and caused mischief. Yeah, I’m one of those kind of people that didn’t need to study much in school. As long as I can read the material once, I’ll get an A on any multiple choice test. My wife, who was my girlfriend at the time, had taken the test a few periods earlier and told me that if you looked very carefully, you could see each answer lightly circled. I made sure all of my friends in class kept an eye out for that. I didn’t need the answers, I would have gotten 100% anyway. However, sure enough, there were all the answers just very lightly circled. Can this really be? Did my teacher do this on purpose? Should I say something (yeah, right)? How did this happen?

Well, all of my friends in class missed a few on purpose just to not raise any flags. It turns out that there were actually a few people in class that did not see the answers and failed the test. Can you believe it? You would have to be a dumb stoner (as opposed to a smart one) to completely miss this!

Was this considered cheating? Hmm, I don’t know. Did my dad cheat? Hmm…I still think he needs to at least sing me the Spider-Pig song.

What do you think? Do you have a similar situation? Tell me about it.



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