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I really believe that the best way to experience the culture of a city, or society, is through its food. Yeah, you can view interesting architecture and the work of long expired artists. But nothing will get you closer to the heart of the people than their food. Forget the franchises. I am talking about the one-of-a-kind places where the locals get their favorite food and meet their families on special occasions. The chefs (food artists, really), live here, work here, and grow here. They both influence and are influenced by their surroundings and their offerings are an expression of who they are and the society they serve.

I love San Antonio and its culture. Despite its proximity to Mexico and its large Hispanic population, the city boasts a variety of foods due to its transient military population. I also love eating and like sharing my experiences with my friends.

This San Antonio food blog and these San Antonio Restaurant Reviews are mainly for accessible places. What I mean is that most of them will be moderately priced, and the kind of places people go regularly, not just for special occasions. I am a fan of simple food done well. I cook that way at home and appreciate when chefs do the same. I don’t like pretentious or haughty fare, but do enjoy innovation and creativity.

If you are a visitor I hope to display the culinary fare of San Antonio in such a way that you will be eager to experience the soul of this great city through its food. If you are a local, I want to make sure you do not miss out on some of my favorite Alamo City classics. And if you are simply a fan of good food, I simply hope you enjoy my writing and that I pique your interest.

Thanks for reading this San Antonio food blog.  Click on any of the links below to jump to a review, or choose the Reviews Category and sift through them all.

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28 09 2008

Tresca Ristorante (Stone Oak Area):

What a hidden gem! I have to admit I was surprised that this restaurant is still such a secret… The atmosphere is just as warm and inviting as the restaurant staff! The restaurant itself is contemporary and edgy, while still managing to relay a homey and welcoming feeling to most anyone!

The food was absolutely superb and service was second to none, the wine selection was just as varied and diverse. Not in the mood for wine, we instead opted for Aqua Panna. We started off with Buffalo Carpaccio which was to die for (and actually much healthier than even beef). We followed our appetizer with amazing salads, my husband had the Tresca Salad topped with Champagne Vinagrette, and I had the Boston Bibb which was delightfully light and lemony. My husband also ordered the most succulent beef tenderloin he’d ever had, it was matched with beautifully browned yukon gold potatoes, and sauteed spinach spiced to perfection. I ordered the penne pasta with fennel sausage. Let me say, WOW! I don’t think I’ve ever been so satisfied with a meal! Though we were full, our server convinced us (without much effort, I might add) that our experience just wouldn’t be complete without dessert, and so we had the house-made bambalinis (italian mini doughnuts) served with creamy chocolate ganache. We were surprised to find they were made by the pastry chef on hand every night! The bambalinis were surprisingly light, and were the perfect ending to an amazing meal!

Though my husband and I left the kids at home, to ensure a quiet and romantic night just to ourselves, our server informed us that the restaurant is absolutely child friendly! After speaking with the owner, Dan Ward, my husband and I discovered that Tresca is actually the newest business endeavor associated with both Piatti in the Quarry and Luca downtown. Congrats on your success Mr. Ward! You’ve managed to exceed our expectations once again! Kudos, kudos, kudos to you and your wonderfully pleasant and knowledgeable staff!!!!

8 10 2009
Rita Lee

Don’t forget my favorite dining spot – Sushihana Japanese Restaurant in Castle Hills. I love the creative sushi and the premium wine list. My husband and I went there on our last anniversary, and we had a great meal with great service. I’ve sent several of my friends there and we all rave about it. If you go, order the pepper tuna. It’s fabulous!

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