Mitt Romney Pot Pie

17 12 2007

”What kind of pot pie” you might ask, is Mitt giving up a recipe to? Well, none actually, and that is the point.

Imagine being served a beautifully baked pot pie, but not being told what is in it. It could be beef, or chicken, or veggies, or kidneys (no offense to kidney lovers). But, this is exactly what happened during Gov. Romney’s “religion” speech about 1-1/2 weeks ago. Some might call his speech just a cleverly veiled fa├žade, intended to garner support from the religious right, but not give enough detail to actually turn them away. Others might say that Mitt is no different than many Americans who call themselves religious, who see no difference between the god they worship and the god everyone else worships. So, before I continue, let me explain that this is still a food blog, as witnessed by the title. Nevertheless, I do feel compelled to comment on other things every now and then (politics, religion, etc.). In keeping with the theme, then, I will still attempt to work in the food angle.

In his speech, Mitt answered what he believes is the most fundamental question he is asked: What he believes about Jesus Christ. His answer: Read the rest of this entry »