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I’ll be using this category to categorize the un-categorizable (make sense?). Here you’ll find my observations and opinions, most likely about food and food related issues. If you’ve gone beyond the restaurant reviews and recipes and you are reading these, then you must really love me. Thanks! ;^P

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22 12 2007

I’d like to contact you about your blog, and links to it that I’ve posted on my website. Can you email me?


2 03 2011
Randy G

I’ll be visiting San Antonio soon and I was hoping you would have some recommendations on what to try. I try to find local, mom and pops places, bizarre foods, and anything that helps to soak up the local culture. I appreciate any recommendations for the downtown area. Thanks.

7 03 2011

Lots of great places to eat at here. Not too far from downtown is Chris Madrid’s. Many San Antonians will agree these are the best burgers anywhere. Rosarios on S. Alamo, just south of downtown, serves great Mexican food (not tex-mex). Get there early since it gets packed. The Guenther, also on S. Alamo is a fantastic place for breakfast. Again, get there before 9 or you may face an hour+ wait. There are many more to choose from, but I would consider these “musts.”

28 03 2011
Brittany Schoede

My name is Brittany Schoede and I work for a Food Network show called “Heat Seekers”. We are looking to come to San Antonio and find the city’s spiciest dishes….I would REALLY appreciate any feedback. Please feel free to email me at


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