Anchovies – kids just love them!

19 12 2007

anchovy.jpgEver wonder how people develop an aversion to something, even though they have never experienced it? I mean, some things you can just take someone else’s word for, like “Don’t touch a hot stove.” That one seems pretty obvious, right? Or, “Don’t drive with your eyes closed.” But what about “Anchovies are nasty.” Most people I know have never tried them, and never will based on what other people have told them. Let me try to change your mind.

When I lived in Spain (about two decades ago) my buddies and I used to go out to clubs and bars and, well, you get hungry, you know? There was only one McDonalds in Madrid, and being brand new, the concept of fast food was still fairly non-existent to the culture. However, one type of Spanish fast food I really enjoyed were tapas. Tapas, basically, are appetizers Read the rest of this entry »