Easy and yummy donuts

9 01 2008

easy-donuts.jpgI’m normally pretty choosy about donuts. Okay, who am I kidding? I really don’t care where it comes from I’ll almost always stuff my face with these pastry delights. This morning, my wife treated me to her home-made donuts and I ate so many of them (about 9) that I didn’t need to eat lunch. Donuts don’t really seem to fill me up, I just eat until they are all gone. I’ll consume my entire fat intake needs for the week in one sitting.

Well, these donuts are much easier than you think. Go and buy the cheapest biscuits in a can you can get. We haven’t tried to make these with the flaky type yet, so you better stick with the regular biscuits, buttermilk, maybe. Separate all the biscuits and lay them out. Take a shot glass and cut the center out of the biscuit. There, that’s about all the prep work you need (take that, Food Network!).

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