The 4 horsemen of the Chinese Buffet: fake, famine, foul, & frigid

31 12 2007

I hate Chinese buffets for several reasons:

  • The food is not really Chinese;
  • Most of the food is cold;
  • The food tastes Nasty;
  • A ton of food is thrown away;
  • They are expensive, in order to make up for all the thrown away food.

This past weekend my family traveled a few hours out of town to visit some extended family. Upon arriving, it is customary for the entire family to go out to a restaurant to eat dinner. All in all there were eight adults and five children this time around and to be honest, it makes things a lot easier for a group this size to eat at a buffet. No time needs to be spent with menus and no time wasted to start eating either – just get up and load up.

And you know what? I’m normally pretty excited when I see the array of food I’m about to indulge in. I mean, out of the 75 or so selections, I’m bound to find a couple that I like. Right? Right??? Well, disappointingly, no. Let me work through my list above real quick.

First of all, if these restaurants actually served authentic Chinese cuisine, no one would come. Read the rest of this entry »