Amy’s – goths throwing ice cream

27 11 2007

There are many ice cream franchises around, each with their own gimmick or advertising ploy to drag you in for over-priced ice cream. However, in my mind, there is a standout in the ice cream industry that regards quality so dearly that it refuses to franchise, and that is Amy’s Ice Creams.

Amy’s is an Austin staple that started back in 1984 by Amy Miller (yes, there is a face behind the name). Most of the stores are in Austin with a couple in Houston and one in San Antonio (thanks, Amy). There are two things you can expect when you go to Amy’s: excellent ice cream and an interesting (for lack of a better word) staff. Let’s start with the ice cream.

To qualify as a bona fide ice cream, a product needs to have at least 10% butterfat. Amy’s recipes have 14% butterfat Read the rest of this entry »